This timely and comprehensive curricular unit deals exclusively and in depth with the benefits of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of various health conditions which are growing concern worldwide. In each class, it is described the cause of the condition and then discuss the role of physical activity in its prevention or improvement, drawing on research literature and helping students to evaluate the quality and extent of this. Hazards of exercise are discussed as well as benefits, with critical appraisal of current recommendations for physical activity. The emphasis throughout is on topics relating to conditions that are major health issues in western societies but also include new and developing research areas.

This curricular unit is an introduction to the topic of changing behaviour, which represents itself as one of the key aspects of the lifestyle coach. It will be discussed the key concepts of social and behavioural sciences and also the main behaviour change models used in the context of active lifestyle promotion.

This course aims to provide students with a range of knowledge in pedagogy enabling them to appropriate and aware of the technical and pedagogical strategies reflection, so that they can intervene at the level of physical activity and lifestyle of clients and practitioners.
Education is the conceptual framework and application of pedagogy, thus, education or training through physical activity and behavioral change becomes the object of Pedagogy of Physical Activity. It is, therefore, a man of education through physical activity. The Pedagogy of Physical Activity brings together the content available from many scientific areas, with the aim of enhancing the process of training of clients and practitioners.
The Pedagogy of Physical Activity is clearly a course involved in the formation of professional skills, is closely linked to the technical and pedagogical courses in the physical activity of professional intervention, behavior change, and the placement or design professional.
Professor Coordenador Principal José Rodrigues

The area of physical activity and healthy lifestyles is based on the execution of programs and projects. This course aims to provide students with knowledge and techniques that allow them to intervene in professional terms, in the design, planning, implementation and evaluation of projects focused on health promotion and adoption of appropriate behaviors to a higher quality of life.